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More Insect Photos

Posted by Eric (August 23, 2006 at 12:04 pm)

I was delighted recently to find an incoming link to Square Zero from the photography blog Benra in an article called “What’s Buggin’ You?”. The article included a link to my post, “Insect Photos”. I thought I’d share a few more of them.

This first set were shot with a Canon Powershot SD450, which I recently acquired—all except the photo of the spider in its web, which was shot with a Digital Rebel XT. Click on the thumnails for the full view.

Spider 3 ThumbnailMantis 2 ThumbnailSpider 4 ThumbnailSpider 5 Thumbnail

This next were all shot with the Rebel at the butterfly garden at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Chicago:

Butterfly 1 ThumbnailButterfly 2 ThumbnailButterfly 3 ThumbnailButterfly 4 Thumbnail

There is something quite hideous about butterflies close up, wouldn’t you say? And yet we love them, and fear the spider. Ireally wouldn’t say butterflies are scarier looking than spiders—my favorite subjects—but the pretty wings make their buggy faces and bizarre proboscis more shocking to behold.

Special Note to Canon Users

Installing the new SD450 caused all kinds of problems trying to download pictures from both cameras, requiring several calls to Canon. I kept getting “USB device not recognized” messages from Windows, especially when connecting one camera after the other had successfully downloaded. Rebooting sometimes helped, but now always.

Installing the latest edition of Canon’s Zoom Browser softward fixed the problems for the SD450, but made it impossible to connect the Rebel. This time it was Zoom Browser giving the error message that my camera is incompatible with the Camera Window software.

With another call to Canon I discovered that a special utility is required to allow EOS cameras like the Rebel to use Zoom Browser. Why they didn’t make the Zoom Browser compatible with EOS cameras in the first place I can’t imagine. It’s pretty common to have a big honkin’ EOS supplemented by a sleek little Powershot elph. But at least they’ve fixed it.

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