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Old Enough To Read a Good Poem

Posted by Eric (April 18, 2007 at 11:50 pm)

mindIsn’t is strange how you come upon things? I was reading entries on the blog of a Virginia Tech student posted throughout the day of the massacre at Blacksburg (where my brother attended grad school), and scrolling back past that date I learned that Kurt Vonnegut had died.

This student declared how much impact the works of Vonnegut had had upon him. I wonder in the end if Vonnegut’s books or having been there in Blackburg on April 16, 2007 will have had a greater impact on this young man’s life. And, yes, I’m really asking that question. Let’s not pit books against “real life”; if books aren’t part of Real Life, then life just isn’t real enough.

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Books I’m Supposedly Reading

Posted by Eric (April 13, 2007 at 12:13 pm)

Pile of booksMy pal James at the facetiously named blog “The Daily Brouhaha” (“Bi-Monthly Brouhaha” would be more like it) has tagged me with this “Book(s) I’m Reading” thing, so here goes. Right now I am currently more-or-less reading the following books: (more…)

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