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Closer Than Together Tabs

Posted by Eric (October 14, 2019 at 7:37 pm)

Closer Than Together album coverI’ve just added a few songs from the Avett Brother’s new album, Closer Than Together to my Avett Archive:

I won’t likely lay out the whole album, both because of time constraints and the challenge some of the new songs present (two tracks with spoken sections, for example). But when additional songs are available, I’ll post them here.

  • Better Here: On the album, this is a piano song, but live they add guitar and banjo, and the piano recedes into the background. I have included both a piano version and a guitar version (capo 3).
  • C Sections: It was really tough getting this song onto two pages. Had to double up lines, use ampersands (&) and tighten up the letter spacing. I’m afraid I’ve left out the little guitar solo at the start, and have not marked out Scott’s backing vocals.
  • When You Learn: I believe this song is played on a nylon string (classical) guitar, and on ukulele. On headphones, you’ll can hear the guitar towards the left and the ukulele toward the right. I’m fairly certain of the chord forms here, though possibly in the intro the shape for F is x87565. Ukulele is played very gently, just a couple notes here and there.
  • Who Will I Hold This is really a banjo song, so working out the strum for guitar may be a challenge. Since the chorus of this song varies, I’ve numbered each.

Please let me know in the comments if you find any mistakes. I’m sure there are some.

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